Monday, November 26, 2007

Making monthly earning without Investments

Making monthly earning without Investments

If you have been searching for monthly work at home job, monthly earning, monthly income, job for life time, home based business with monthly earning, telecommuting job, teleworker, or jobs on internet then this is the right place for you without investment. Just you have to invest your time. It is the newest thing on the internet – A global community, an economic network – like a social network only about money. It is a great idea! Surfing the web and making money with it! I joined because I want to make money I have nothing to lose because it is free to join, with little efforts I might make a lot of money if this works, because this is its beta phase. I use the Internet as I always have- and still make money. And I like the idea of getting my share of all the billion and billion of wealth being created on the Internet.

I checked it out to hush my mind and sole.

AGLOCO – A GLObal COmmunity owned by it member. It is the re-birth of AllAdvantage in 1999 and it gave its member over $ 100,000,000 to it members in less than a year. The company has real people mostly Stanford graduate students who seem to be in the forefront. They have great privacy officer, the Internet’s First Chief Privacy officer Ray Everett-Church.

AGLOCO gives its members part of the money they generate as Internet users. AGLOCO slogan is “Get you share of the Internet”. They are also giving the company to the members as it is a 100% member owned entity. If you refer new members, you get more cash and shares. When you will join, you can use the AGLOCO members calculator. If I sign up 10 active people, who recruit more new members. I can get over 5000 share a month. Want to join. Here is a link to sign up.

I would like to tell more about the AGLOCO

AGLOCO pays to surf the internet. After signing up, download the Viewbar, installed it, brows the web and get paid. AGLOCO Viewbar shows ads and lets you search the Web Advertisers and search engines pay AGLOCO when you do that, and AGLOCO then pays you. AGLOCO members accrue hours that the Viewbar is open on your desktop and AGLOCO pays you upto 5 levels of accrue hours, that increases you earnings. Also, remember that you never have to click on anything on the Viewbar if you don’t want to. Clicking doesn’t affect the result.
Note: This is NOT some MLM scheme. There is an MLM element to it, but all of the money you earn would directly from the company and not from the People at the bottom of the pyramid. So there is really no way for anyone to lose from it.
Once you sign up, you will get your own referral URL that you can use to refer to sign up you friends or members. They will do the same. If 5 people that you refer to AGLOCO, that in turn refer 5 others, will double your compensation. AGLOCO gives you tool to calculate your earning go to AGLOCO site and click member calculator to see how much money you can make from the AGLOCO.
If every AGLOCO member did 4 to 5 Ask search (or just one search) a day from the AGLOCO Viewbar and they click on average just one ad, the revenue generated for the AGLOCO community would be US$6.00 per month per member. This would be great start to building revenue for AGLOCO member.
As I have already told you that as you tell your friends (direct referrals) and they tell their friends (extend referrals), you build up your own referral network. There is no limit to how many referrals you can have. Members receive shares in the company based not only to their own use of the Internet, but also for the usage of all of their referrals. Members with the largest networks stand to benefits most from the community.
This is not a scam or fraud. The members of the development team include people with vast high-profile experience in the business. Two of the best-known are Jim Jorgensen and Ray Everett-Church. Any search with keyword “agloco” now brings up more than a million pages. AGLOCO has over 100,000 members already; the goal is above 10 million in near future.
Many people ask me, “will the Viewbar violate privacy or put spyware on my computer?” No. All the Viewbar does is scan the pages you view for keywords that it uses to show you relevant ads that you are more likely to find useful. Nothing else is installed. In addition, AGLOCO has a thorough privacy backed by Ray Everett-Church, the leading internet privacy expert today.
When considering earning rates; currently AGLOCO treats all countries worldwide on an equal basis: all members can accumulate up to a maximum of five hours a month of Viewbar usage. Referrals will also be accrued with a five has limit. If shares are issued they will issue at one share per hour for member hours and one quarter share for each referral hour. (For more details see AGLOCO site)
The AGLOCO blog announced that AGLOCO will pay its member using checks. ACH (bank-to-bank) payments. Paypal and credit car-style cash card (with a VISA logo on them) AGLOCO will pay in local currencies wherever possible. You will receive a monthly payment based on your total available hours surfed with the Viewbar on, as well as those you refer.
You do not need to buy anything. You will never have to buy or sell anything.
Remember this that members do not earn hours/ shares/ cash for:
1. Signing up as a new member.
2. Referring new members who do not become active members
3. Clicking on ads from the Viewbar. There is no incentive or requirement to click on ads.
4. Changing your online behavior in any way. Just download the Viewbar software, and use the Internet how you always have.

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